Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Class structure in college is laid out in the very first day of class. A student sees the criteria of how to secure a good grade, and it is then their responsibility to live up to those standards if they want a good grade. I tend to enjoy classrooms that give me the expectations, and then allow me to try and live up to them.

Russell said that he often calls on a student randomly to speak up. I believe that that seems incredibly paternalistic, and unnecessary in college level courses where the students are all functioning adults capable of guiding their own education. Classes where the teacher randomly calls on students make me incredibly nervous. I am always sweating bullets, so to speak, and making sure that I have something to say if I have to, regardless if I want to or not, or if it is good or not. I believe that Jules has the right idea to let a student do as they choose. Also, like Alison says that she details why she calls on random students, I have never had a teacher do that. IF they explained themselves, and relayed that they’re not doing it just to keep me on my toes, maybe I would have been less nervous.

I have one class currently that is incredibly paternalistic and it is really getting on my last nerve. It is something that I love, but the handholding that is going on is causing me to truly hate it. Also, there is a strict 2-absence policy, so I now sit there and do nothing, but at least I’m there, right? Attendance policies in college really annoy me. I am paying for the class, and it’s my grade in the end. Therefore, if I want to succeed I’ll go, but if I don’t feel like going, it should NOT reduce my grade by a full letter. That’s just too harsh and paternalistic.

Are attendance requirements ridiculous in college?

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