Monday, May 2, 2011

Response to Jessica

Question: What is your answer to the question? Can you believe in creationism and evolution?

I wrote in my Q&A response how at my Catholic school (which may be progressive, now that I think of it), we were beginning to shift into thinking that we were taught the creationism stories as a way to explain the unexplicable (like parables) and now, with science, they are finally being explained properly, and the stories are now just stories.

I think it is difficult to fully ascribe to believing in both. I think it would be really difficult to believe in science and in religion. I think one can believe theres a higher power that watches over this world that science and evolution created, but beyond that it's hard to think that God created the organisms which then took on a life of their own. It's a tough subject, and I feel confused now that I'm trying to think of how to explain how I balance Catholicism and evolution.
Truthfully, I think science and evolution is undeniable for the most part, whereas creationism raises a lot of questions and has little proof.

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