Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The MCLA Core Liberal Arts Education: Paternalistic in nature?

I do not believe that a liberal arts education is paternalistic. A student freely chooses to enroll in this type of school, first of all. Secondly, a liberal education is all about the freedom to choose. Yes, there are categories and requirements, but I believe that the CORE structure at MCLA opened my eyes to a whole new world. Each class that I thought I would absolutely hate (Environmental Research, anyone?) turned out to be something amazing that enriched my learning here. The initial core requirements seem daunting due to the fact that they’re in whole new fields, but they truly instill values and allow a student to be a lifelong learner in all fields. The business class that I took to fulfill the core actually excited me, and I picked up a business minor. This minor has led me to a pretty prestigious marketing job that I’m going to take after graduation, despite the fact that I am a Broadcast Journalism major. Without the CORE, I’d probably be struggling to find a journalism job in this tough market. Although I know I will follow my journalism aspirations one day, it is now my 10 year plan instead of forced right-now plan. Yes, classes fill quick, but I think that MCLA did a great job in opening my eyes to a whole world of possibilities and making me interested in multiple new things.

Did the core requirements cause anyone to change a major, or grab a different minor?

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