Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Music in Education

When there is always constant talk of music and arts programs potentially being pulled from schools, I believe that it is mostly a huge disservice to the student. There is always room for other cuts, seeing as music/arts teachers aren’t paid that much anyways. I believe that music gives the students a much-needed break in the work day. It gives students something to look forward to and breaks up the monotony of sitting in a desk. Beyond that, it stimulates creativity and brain activity. Music students usually excel in all areas further than students without musical training, which is probably true but I couldn’t find any hardwired facts. Despite that, just allowing a student to try something new in a new field could inspire something inside that changes them. Music is very mathematically based, and a student with that kind of thinking could really take to it. Personally, I only remember ever learning how to play the recorder, but music was still a much welcomed break for the teacher and for the students who just couldn’t sit in the chairs very much longer.

Does elementary music education have enough value to justify its keeping?

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