Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Response to Mary: do you think one can be taught how to adapt, or must it be something they learn through experience? Why?

I believe that no one can be taught how to fully adapt and improvise to certain situations. However, someone can be taught the skills needed to adapt to any situation. For example: you learn cpr, you learn 911, you learn crisis management skills. Each experience that requires someone to adapt helps them build for next time. The next time something happens, they can then use the skills they’ve learned, plus use the experience gained from previous times, to hopefully, improvise and adapt well. Adaption is super important, seeing as nothing ever goes as planned. I think it is something that takes things that are learned, and combines them with experience, to work.

What skills should one have to ensure they are somewhat prepared for situations that would cause them to have to adapt?

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