Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Power of the Lecture

Like Russell, I believe in the power of a good lecture. Sure, Russell seems to go above a beyond in terms of preparation than any teacher I think ever does, but a stimulating lecture can allow for a teacher to pass forth ideas in a fast manner. Excited teachers can make great lectures incredibly stimulating and helpful. However, I do believe that a lecture should be only part of the teaching method. Students can listen to a lecture, and then do group work and discuss the lecture with a small assignment. That can ensure that a student grasps the material. Pre-reading could also help with students learning the material. Although a facilitated discussion is also a good idea, I don’t want to discredit a good lecture. Good theories and points can be relayed, and writing them down has always helped me learn.

Does the power of a lecture depend strictly on the teacher, or is lecture a dead art?

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