Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Response to Mike:

Should we be harder on kids that use profanity? Or is it not as big a deal as some of us are making it out to be? Should it be met with disciplinary action on behalf of the students? The teachers?

I think that Mike made a really good point about the difference that exists with swearing and profanity. There's a HUGE difference between being vulgur, swearing at someone (in anger), or just swearing in normal conversation to make a point.

I think that although students should not swear in the classroom at all, I'm sure it happens in private settings where it is acceptable. Otherwise, some students could probably not differentiate between the different motives behind swearing, which makes it have to be punishable for all, in all situations. Otherwise, I'm sure students would begin to lose all respect and be unable to conduct themselves properly.

The students should be punished, but it should not be something as harsh as detention unless it is a chronic issue. On the other hand, my dad used to employ a swear jar with us kids. He would have to put a certain amount in per swear, and then we used it to a family trip for ice cream, or something like that. It stopped my dad, who has quite the sailor's mouth, from swearing-- at least in front of us. Something similar could be employed by a teacher so that the students realize it's a bad habit they want to kick, and the students could also get something out of it.

Is swearing in any classroom setting (besides college) ever okay?

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