Monday, May 2, 2011

Response to Jessica

Question: Do stressful and long hours of work hinder "life long learning"?

I've never really thought about it, but it would seem that it does. The average American is not going to retire at 65. This leads to at least 45 long years of work with little vacation. Unless you're someone who would use your free time to read, or watch educational programs, I feel as if lifelong learning would slack. Those with precious free time would more than likely prefer to spend time with family, rest, take a mindless vacation, or watch mindless television. The stress of the American workforce is already palpable in my few short weeks of just applying for jobs. I'm not looking forward to my future 50 years of employment in the slightest. However, to fix this conundrum, maybe organizations should offer courses through a local college or help their employees get their masters degrees? Allowing the time (and possibly paying for it) could help the employee learn and grow, while the organization gains a better worker.

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