Monday, May 2, 2011

Response to Shelby

Shelby proposed an interesting thought. Making a teacher's salary more desirable would, in fact, bring more teachers to the table, and probably a lot who are doing it for the salary, benefits, and job security. However, this would make the schools able to pick from a much larger pool of candidates, hopefully weeding out those who are not worthy.
However, there may be some worthy teachers who instead took a different job at an office or the like, due to the harsh reality that they may not be able to live on a teacher's salary. The article said, "At the moment, the average teacher’s pay is on par with that of a toll taker or bartender."
Those jobs are not desirable jobs and are certainly not jobs you need a degree for. Why are these teachers with advanced degrees brought down to that level then?

Shelby asked: Which would be the more effective route to take for educational reformation: more alternative, private schools, or revamping public schools?

As a child of private schools, I know firsthand the benefits of my private education, and that I thrived under it. I did not go to the public school because my parents did not think it was up to par with my learning ability and they wanted to give me a better opportunity, along with the fact that my parents are pretty religious. My mom had to work at the school in order for us to get a discounted tuition so that I could attend. For that reason, I think we should work to revamp public schools so that parents do not have to struggle for private education, and everyone has the same opportunity to receive a quality education, free of charge. England is doing something right over there with their free education (that is of a high standard). We need to look at their system, and fix ours in accordance.

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