Monday, May 2, 2011

Response to Mike

Would you agree that accounting, and shop classes should be mandatory?

Second semester senior year of high school I took a mandatory "accounting" class about how to write checks, pay bills online, choose insurance, etc. Every second semester senior had to take it. However, I hated every second-- because I was already doing all of those things, and had been for at least two years. I wish my school made it a Sophomore requirement, seeing as I bought my car at 16, opened a joint checking with my mom where I wrote checks for the car payment and insurance, as well as already chose an insurance. I learned how to do all of these things from my parents. Although maybe the class would be beneficial as a mandatory course earlier, I think Senior year, in my case, was way too late. I had already been there, and done that.

I'm torn on whether it should be mandatory or not though. I feel as if those skills are skills kids learn from their parents, or guardians, or older siblings. The mandatory class was a giant waste of time in my case. However, I am well aware that a lot of kids don't have that guidance, and in those cases, these classes could be beneficial. Maybe these "real life" skills could be combined into a life skills course, but ultimately, I do not think they should be mandatory.

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